Our Story

Our mission is to make the customers feel like family. In today’s world the vendor and the customer are disconnected, and as family, we want to make you feel comfortable and cared for in the significant decisions you make for your home or project. At CM Enterprises we understand the value and role that family plays in our lives. 

In 1937, Isidro Pena, was born in the Rancho de Pena’s in Satevo, Chihuahua. At the young age of just 9 years old, Isidro began to sell newspapers and oranges on the streets of Chihuahua and would eventually start turning a profit by investing his earnings in more expensive produce, only to learn the dynamics of making a greater profit. When he was 19 years old, Isidro came to the United States, with a 3rd grade education, working through the Bracero temporary workers program for Stahman Farms. While learning everything he could about the trade, he then leased an acre of land and would begin to plant and sell his own pecan trees. Pena’s Pecan Nursery was born and after a few years of reaching success, he realized he could do more.   

Isidro then purchased a large concrete tile press from Mexico at the age of 40 and began to hand press each tile as he worked out of a friends shed. It was not much longer before he became successful as he was receiving more orders than he could fill. He then decided to purchase a building with one warehouse attached and Casa Mexicana was born. Shortly after opening the store front, he was then approached by a Spanish tile representative and purchased half a container of tile which is equivalent to 6,000 square feet. He quickly sold it within a week and purchased a full container which began our relationship with various manufacturing companies all over the world.   


After a few years of success and growing the tile business, shortly after, his daughter Martha joined the family business at the age of 14. She first began by translating documents, then went on to help with sales and warehouse, to eventually handling marketing, accounting and business administration. As more employees and family members joined, the business outgrew its original location and in 1978, Isidro decided to expand and build our first showroom and warehouse and in the following 20 years, it grew to four additional warehouses. After decades of Martha’s contribution to her family’s legacy, she is now the current CEO and owner of CM Enterprises.  

The next generation has followed in her footsteps and have joined the family legacy to expand our services even further. Casa Mexicana Tile rebranded in 2021 and became CM Enterprises, as we now offer cabinetry and countertop services. As we continue to grow, we are proud to offer expert advice and knowledge in all things tile, countertops, cabinetry and more!

Meet the Owners

Isidro Pena, Owner
Isidro Pena
Marta Orta, CEO
Martha Orta
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40+ Years Of Experience
& Expertise

We are Family owned and operated since 1978 with customer service as one of our core values. We are dedicated to what we do and passionate about making the customer feel like part of the family. We just happen to be good at fulfilling your tile, granite and cabinet needs. 

Let Us Help You

We believe our customers should be catered throughout the entire design process. We have over 40 years of experience to better suit your needs and to help fulfill the aesthetic you are trying to create in your space. Whether you have a technical question about how thin you can go on a grout joint or how to calculate how much square feet you’ll need for a bathroom remodel, we’re here with you every step of the process. It’s as easy as giving us a call or walking into our 8,000 square foot showroom and you will be greeted with a warm welcome, a friendly smile, and complimentary coffee and water. Once you have picked a design or service with your expert, you can have it all delivered direct to your home with one of our 2 delivery trucks we have on standby. We believe in making this process as easy as possible for you while seeing your designs and inspiration photos come to life!  


We offer a unique range of tiles that can fit any theme or aesthetic ranging from bold, colorful Talavera’s that are handmade and painted from Mexico with a wide range of traditional or engraved looks to modern, clean designs that replicate marble and other natural stones as if they were just cut from the quarry. Our tile selection showcases the vast options available to create the look and feel you desire including various colors, textures, and styles. 


The design process begins with a consultation with one of our specialists where we discuss your options that includes a vast range of color combinations, door styles, and wood species. Whether you prefer a modern farmhouse look to a rustic contemporary look, we offer over 1,000 different options to accomplish your desired project. Once you have selected your dream cabinetry, one of our specialists will create a detailed 3D colored rendition to give you a virtual tour of your newly created space. Once your cabinets have arrived and gone through our extensive quality check, a date is scheduled with one of our experienced installers to piece together your USA made custom cabinetry.  


Whether you prefer a more luxurious, exotic look with colorful veins or a clean, modern neutral look with no movement, we offer hundreds of options in either granite, quartzite, marble, soapstone, travertine, or quartz. The process is as simple as consulting with one of our specialists, picking out your selected stone, to then receiving a proposal. After you have confirmed your selection, fabrication will begin, and one of our experienced installers will carefully place your stone in the desired area.