Talavera Tiles

Looking for a way to brighten up your home? With the variety of options from designs to solid colors the possibility’s are endless. Talavera tiles embody the authentic feel to any home project. Talavera has been made by hand for generations this old world process gives the uniqueness that Talavera is known for. These beautiful yet affordable tiles can also make a great coaster set for your friends and family!

Talavera tiles are concave(not perfectly flat). They are characterized as unique, irregular, functional, and expressive.

  • Due to the handmade nature, tiles may vary by up to 1/4in. Sizes are nominal, meaning that sizes vary from the actual. 
  • Crazed effect or Crackle effect: Crazing effect refers to small cracks on the surface of a tile, characteristic which is inherent and may be visible before and/or after installation. However, over time this attribute may become more prominent or can be enhanced by using a contrasting colored grout. 
  • Finish: Due to the sensitive nature of talavera tiles surfaces scratches may be prominent in dark colors. For example, Cobalt Blue. 
  • Color variation within individual tiles 
  • Variations in thickness, flatness, size, & square. 
  • No Refunds, Exchanges, or Returns after tile has been installed

We stock over 5,000 tiles of the 4” x 4” size. For a limited time only we currently have stock of 6” x 6” & 2” x 2” Talaveras. 

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